Eric Chapman

Howell, Michigan

Eric Chapman is not your run-of-the-mill Marketing Manager. No, sir. His story begins in the adrenaline-fueled trenches of an Emergency Room in Flint, Michigan. There, amid the chaos and the beeping monitors, he cut his teeth as a technician. It was a trial by fire, a baptism of resilience and adaptability that would set the stage for his future exploits.

Seeking to expand his horizons, Eric pursued a degree in the arcane arts of Computer Networking Infrastructure and Management. Now, he's the wizard behind the curtain at a large multi-location heating & cooling company in Southeast Michigan, where he weaves his diverse skills into a tapestry of effective marketing strategies.

But Eric's journey extends beyond his professional life. He's a spiritual adventurer, having spent time with three different orders of monks - the Jesuits, the Trappists, and Korean Zen. These experiences have left indelible marks on his worldview, shaping him into the man he is today.

When he's not busy conquering the marketing world, Eric immerses himself in the philosophical study of ontology, finding kinship in the principles of modern American Transcendentalism. He's a man of many hats - marketer, technologist, philosopher - and it's this eclectic mix that makes him not just a formidable professional, but a truly fascinating individual.